Frequently Asked Questions

I just subscribed, but I have not received an invoice yet. When will I receive the invoice?

We strive for emailing you the invoice within a few days, so you can enjoy your subscription quickly.

How long will my subscription last?

In any case, after subscribing you will stay subscribed for a year. After that you will automatically stay subscribed until you unsubscribe. You will annually receive an invoice for the coming year.

I have just applied for a subscription, but I am not receiving any email. What now?

It is possible that our email got stuck in your spam filter. So try checking that first. If you did not find anything there, please email us at, so we can fix it.

How do I pay?

We will send you an invoice via email, containing all of the payment details. You can then transfer the amount payable to us by bank.

Unsubscribing, how do I do that?

After the first year you can unsubscribe at any moment. This can be done by emailing or phoning us. Make sure to include the email adress to which your subscription was sent. We do need some time for processing, it is possible that the next issue is already on its way to you for example, or it is already at the printer’s. In that case you will receive one more issue. The value of the subsequent issues will be deposited back into your account, if you already paid for them.

Why do I need to give you a VAT number?

We are a Germany-based company and therefore we invoice with German VAT. If you are based outside of Germany, but within the EU and you declare your VAT number, we can invoice without VAT and you will not need to ask for a VAT refund in Germany. If you are based in Germany, or outside of the EU, we do not need your VAT number.

I would like to apply for an extra subscription. How do I do that?

You can have extra subscriptions at the same address. When ordering you can state to whom the extra issues need to be addressed and which languages they should be in. Have you already subscribed and would you like to add extra subscriptions yet, please phone or email us. Is the extra subscription to be sent to a different address? You can then simply order one or more extra subscriptions with a different email address at

I ordered a subscription for the wrong language. Can I still change that?

Sure. If you would like to read our magazine in a different language from now on, we will henceforth send it to you in that language. It is however possible that the issue of the current month is already at the printer’s, in that case the alteration will take effect in the subsequent month.

To which countries can you send the magazine?

It does not matter in which country you are based, you can receive FOBS Magazine at any postal address in the world. From Andorra to Zimbabwe. Without additional charge. Is your country not in the list on the subscription page? Please put it in the box for comments.

I did not receive an issue. What can you do?

If you just send us an email or phone us and tell us which issue you did not receive, we will take care of it for you.

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